Clippers fight hard but just miss to Griffins of Chestnut Hill

Clippers fight hard but just miss to Griffins of Chestnut Hill

Box score

The Clipper hosted the Chestnut Hill College Griffins for their senior day celebration game.  With the Griffins playing strong from the beginning of the game the Clippers saw themselves quickly behind 17-1.  With a surge of energy, the Clippers found their game and made their way back.  Though the Griffins pressed the Clippers and continued to score, the Clippers were able to slow the Griffins progress and the Clippers were able to climb out of the 16 points deficit from earlier.  With each Clipper adding their points the team cut their deficit down to size by the end of the first half. 

With the score at the beginning of the second half Clippers 31, Griffins 37, the Clippers would have to battle once again.  As both teams headed onto court each wanted the same, the win.  With the Griffins pushing hard to keep their lead and the Clippers pushing back to get on top it was a all out battle for both teams.  The Clippers worked hard against the Griffins to gain in inch but the Griffins would not budge.  The Clippers fell to the Griffins 59-64. 

Shelley Monahan put up 13 points for the Clippers with Brittany Binnie right behind with 12 and added 8 other assists.  Dana Rommel added 10 points for the night while Shari Cordero added 10 points and led defensively for the Clippers with 7 rebounds, 2 blocks and 5 steals.

The Clippers will head to Felician College on Tuesday for a 6:00pm game.